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Story of Pon Mariyappan: Spread The Knowledge, It Makes Business Sense

It is said that learning is growing. Today in Mann ki Baat I will introduce you to a person who has a novel passion. This is the passion of sharing the joys of reading and writing with others. He is Pon Mariyappan from Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu. Thoothukudi is also known as Pearl City. Once it was an important centre of the Pandyan Empire. My friend from this town Pon Marriyappan is associated with the profession of hair cutting and runs a salon. A tiny salon.

He has done an exemplary and inspiring piece of work. He has converted a small portion of his salon into a library. While waiting for his turn, if a customer reads something from the library and writes on that, Pon Marriyappan offers him a discount…..isn’t it intresting?

Come lets go to Thoothukudi …lets talk to Pon Mariyyapan ji

P.M. Pon Marriyyapan ji Vannakaam, How are you?

Pon : Respected Prime Minister, Vanakkam

P.M: Vanakkam vanakm, how did you get the idea of this library?

Pon Mariyappan: I have studied up to class 8th. I could not further my studies beyond that due to family circumstances. When I see educated people, I feel something amiss in me. So, I thought why not establish a library, which would benefit many people, this became an inspiration for me.

Prime Minister: Which book do you like a lot?

Pon Mariyappan: ‘Thirukkural’ is very dear to me.

Prime Minister: I felt very happy talking to you. Best wishes to you.

Pon Mariyappan: I too am feeling extremely happy while talking to respected Prime Minister.

Prime Minister: Best wishes

Pon Mariyappan: Thank you, Prime Minister Ji.

Prime Minister: Thank you.

See how he dresses people’s hair, he allows them to dress up their lives too. It felt nice to learn about the popularity of Thirukkural.

All of you, too heard about the popularity of Thirukkural. Today, Thirukkural is available in all languages of India. Given an opportunity, one must read it. In a way, it is a guide for life.

This story was shared by the Prime Minister Of India, Shri Narendra Modi in the 17th Episode of Mann Ki Baat 2.0 Date: 25th October 2020

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